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Tailored Strategies ...

To help insure each client receives the clarity and guidance they need, NorthStar limits the number of clients we assist. Partnering with professionals across our three areas of discipline, we create tailored strategies for our clients.

  • Investment Planning

  • Retirement Income

  • Estate Strategies

We work hard to help you build and maintain a comfortable retirement lifestyle by designing a well-balanced, investment portfolio to help you reach your financial goals without taking too much risk.

We dedicate our efforts to processes and education rather than products, we believe the best value for the majority of our clients is fee-based service rather than commission-based product sales.

Over a lifetime of investing, you discover that trends come and go.  Bull markets.  Bear markets. Hot stocks. Cold stocks.  And "expert" theories that seem to change with the weather.

Ultimately, you discover that certain fundamental principles seem to endure- including diversification, discipline, consistency, and the value of experienced guidance. 

As a result, these strategies strive to deemphasize temporary trends so that you can hopefully spend less time managing your money and more time enjoying life.  And isn't that the reason you began investing in the first place?